Spring 2022 American Chemical Society Meeting

March 17, 2022

The Hamachi Group goes to the Spring 2022 American Chemical Society Meeting in San Diego, CA. Undergraduate students Dean Kim and Donna Tran presented posters, and André Lagron gave a talk on their research. Here are a few photos of us enjoying the conference:

Group Photo with Prof. Dichtel
Meeting Dr. Hamachi’s postdoc advisor Prof. Dichtel from Northwestern University: (Left to Right) Donna Tran, Dean Kim, Prof. Will Dichtel, Alison Chew, André Lagron

Group Photo with the Miller Group
Hanging out with new friends from Prof. Kathryn Allen’s group at Millersville University: (Left to Right) Amanda McKee, Dean Kim, Donna Tran, Landon Kurtz, Alison Chew